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Reduce conflict among marketing and sales channels

Marketing and selling through multiple channels can be an effective way to generate more leads and close more sales. It can cut your costs and help you close more sales, but how do you reduce the conflict among channels?

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Allow your resellers to “register” their sales opportunities, minimizing the risk that you inadvertently distribute new leads from that same company to other resellers.
  • Credit salespeople for all sales in their territory or to their accounts, no matter which channel completed the sale.
  • Devise rules-driven lead assignments that match prospective customers to reseller by proximity and/or industry or application expertise.
  • For different sales channels, develop different versions of your products or product names.
  • Give prospective buyers options for choosing local resellers in their area.
  • If you have too many resellers in a specific area, consider creating a round-robin lead assignment that rotates through the list of resellers offered to each prospect.
  • Give salespeople bonuses or commissions for revenue that comes from specific resellers or channels in their territory, rather than have them trying to close every order independently.
  • Require salespeople to process all orders through your resellers, instead of going direct with your company.
  • Set levels of achievement for resellers. Better rewards, like sales leads or featured links on your website, result from qualifying for silver, gold or platinum reseller status.
  • Give resellers an chance to offer your products or services at a lower street price by charging full list price on your e-commerce website.
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