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How much new business do you need to drive with your marketing?

A great way to justify your B2B marketing budget is to show how your marketing contributes to your company’s sales revenue goals.

Say your company’s goal is a 25 percent increase in sales this year. If your company generated $4 million in sales revenue last year, how much new business do you need to help drive with your marketing? $1 million is the wrong answer.

Remember the business you will lose!

Why? Because it is important, when determining the new business revenue goals your marketing programs will support, that you consider not only the new business you need to grow to desired levels, but the new business required to replace the current business your company will lose during the coming year.

Most of the thousands of B2B marketers I’ve polled during my seminars say they need to replace somewhere between 10 percent and 30 percent of their business each year, just to stay even with the previous year!

So if your sales revenue last year was $4 million, and need to replace 30% of your sales revenue just to stay even, you will actually need $2,200,000 in new sales revenue to meet your 25% growth goal.

This larger, but more accurate number, justifies more marketing, a bigger marketing budget and perhaps more staff.

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