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Leads tracking: Get results

Leads tracking: Why bother?

Did you know that 79% of all leads are never followed up?

Although leads tracking isn’t always fun for the creative types in your marketing team, it really isn’t difficult to track and measure marketing results. Start by telling your team that you can live with the fact that they won’t be able to track and measure every lead, activity, result, or dollar in revenue.

Focus on those activities and results that can be tracked and measured, and don’t worry about those that can’t. If your sample size is large enough, you can confidently project overall results from the measurable segment.

Leads tracking questions to ask to get the answers you need

Leads tracking starts by asking your marketing team the following questions:

  • What is our average marketing cost per activity or result? By tracking and measuring cost per activity or result, you have a way to benchmark and improve results.
  • What is the return on investment? Although the actual dollar amount of sales revenue linked directly to marketing activities often serves as the strongest indicator of return on investment, other criteria can be used to show ROI as well.
  • What’s in the sales pipeline? Be sure to consider forecasted sales.
  • Where do our best B2B sales leads or sales opportunities come from?


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