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React Faster to Your Leads to Increase Your ROI

You’ve got calls to action and contact forms on your website, and perhaps you’re investing in pay-per-click ad campaigns. But how quickly do you respond to these inquiries? Speed could make a difference in your bottom line.

Lead response management research by MIT shows the odds of making contact with Web-based inquiries increases 100 times if attempted within five minutes.

Is your company’s response time closer to 5 minutes… or 5 days?

Consider the times you tried to get information about a product or service you needed. How did you feel when it took what felt like forever to get a response to your request for contact or more information? Did it negatively impact the chance of that company making the sale? I’ll bet it did.

In the B2B world, how responsive your company is to its inquiries, or how it handles the follow up of sales leads, has a lot more impact on prospective customers’ perception of your brand than brand advertising ever will.


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