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Optimizing your email marketing campaigns

As part of ongoing lead nurturing, I recommend staying in touch via multiple methods. Email is usually one of those methods.

With email marketing, I recommend aiming for sending something monthly. Why? To stay in mind and in sight as your prospects move from awareness to consideration to purchase, and to increase your chance of being there at the right time. But not too often to become a pest and risk increased opt-outs.

Beyond getting your e-newsletter or marketing piece out the door, there’s plenty you can do to improve results, both big and small. Some key ideas you may not be considering:

  • Make sure your email can be viewed well in the preview pane of email applications. And how does it look on your phone or iPad?
  • Check that you’re not using words that automated spam filters consider questionable.
  • Subject lines can have a surprising effect on open rates. Keep on top of your metrics and test even small changes.
  • Is the IP address of the server that the email is being sent from on a blacklist?

What have you learned to improve your email marketing? Please share a tip that helped.

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