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Hi, I’m Mac McIntosh, the B2B Sales Lead Expertâ„¢

I’m a business-to-business marketing and demand generation consultant and speaker who specializes in helping companies that sell products or services to other companies, institutions or government agencies to:

  • Generate more qualified, sales-ready leads;
  • Nurture and qualify leads;
  • Convert more leads into new business sales and revenue;
  • Track and measure lead generation, marketing and sales results and ROI.

If you have problems or questions related to your company’s B2B marketing or lead generation, lead nurturing, lead qualification or turning leads into sales, I’d like to hear from you.

How Can I Help?

Need help with B2B lead generation, marketing and sales?
For more information, please call Mac McIntosh at +1-401-294-7730, send him email at or visit