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How to handle 3 challenges of multiple marketing channels

Being in the right place is playing a larger role than ever in driving B2B leads and sales. Multiple marketing and sales channels can lower costs and provide faster leads and sales, but how do you handle the challenges? Here are some ideas.

How to handle channel conflict

If your’re selling direct and online, and your resellers are as well, there’s a tendency for all involved to feel cut out. So first focus on the customer: make it easy for them to research and purchase the way they want to.

Then, rather than hope to eliminate channel conflict, try to minimize it by making openness a priority. Communicate early and often to anticipate and resolve issues.

How to handle pricing

Help prospective customers get to pricing info quickly and easily. Requiring users to hand over detailed information first or making technical specs tough to find will just hamper their decision-making process.

So now that they know the cost early on, don’t lose the sale on price alone. Make sure to integrate the key advantages of your solution to fit their needs with the pricing.

How to handle branding

Keep key design and brand messaging consistent across all channels with guidelines and procedures for your marketing and sales communications. When these are clear, accessible, and branding is kept top-of-mind, everyone involved will know how and why to stay on track.

Remember, it’s the relationship that prospects have with your company that delivers the strongest impression, and what will lead to growing sales by word-of-mouth–if it’s a good one.

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