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Marketing-for-Leads Guide: Step 10 – How will you reach the best prospects?

Step 10: Determine how to reach the best companies and contacts.

After you have identified the right companies and contacts to target with your B2B lead generation efforts, you need to determine the best ways to reach them.

The first step is to determine to what media your target audience is exposed to. For example, which magazines do they read? This may include national business or industry magazines as well as regional and local trade journals.

In addition, you should think about the

  • Professional associations to which your target contacts belong.
  • Conferences and tradeshows they attend.
  • Newsletters (print or electronic) to which they subscribe.
  • Websites they visit for professional or product information.
  • Radio and television programming that attracts them.

Each of these, potentially, is the source of a mailing list, website, conference or publication that would be appropriate for reaching your target contacts.

Another way to reach your target companies and contacts is through their professional advisors. Accountants, attorneys, consultants and other advisors often provide recommendations on purchases relevant to their spheres of knowledge. In other words, they influence buyers. For example, a decision-maker in search of a commercial printer might ask his/her graphic design firm for recommendations. Therefore, your marketing plan should have some provision for articulating your competitive advantage to key these influencers.

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