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Offers are key to generating more leads and sales with your B2B Marketing

In every recent research report I’ve seen about business-to-business marketing goals, “generating sales leads” is at or near the top of the list.

The best way to generate sales leads is by making strong “offers” or “calls-to-action”

Your prospects, just like you, are people that respond to things that interest them, or that can help them solve a problem, or make their lives and jobs easier, or increase their company’s profits. Yet, everyone is busy, and there’s a cacophony of marketing messages, advertisements, social media, emails—all competing for attention. So, what kinds of offers are working best today?

Start with educational offers

In the B2B marketplace educational offers such as how-to guides, buying guides, white papers, case-studies and invitations to events on the same subjects are the basic tools for eliciting responses from prospects.

Focus on quality, not just quantity

Consider making your offers self-qualifying. Who, other than a qualified prospect, would be interested in a white paper on your technology? Yet everyone—including many unqualified prospects—may want to take advantage of an offer for a free iPad.

Make offers for each stage of your prospects’ buying cycle

When determining what your lead generation offers will be, consider tailoring them to appeal to people at different stages of the buying cycle. This could mean offering a white paper or information kit for prospects who are early in their consideration process vs. a seminar invitation for the prospects who are the middle of their buying process vs. a free consultation or needs assessment for those who are closer to being ready to buy.

More offers = more leads

To maximize the number of responses and leads from your marketing communications, you should make multiple offers.

When you make multiple offers, you give a variety of prospects at all stages of the buying cycle the chance to select the offer appropriate to their needs and the stage of their buying decision process.

Here’s an example:

To request your free Energy-Efficient Lighting Selection Guide,
sign up for the free webinar on the latest in energy-efficient lighting
or schedule your free lighting analysis:
Visit www.YourLightingCo.com/EnergySaver
Call (800) 555-1212 or (212) 555-1212
Email info@YourLightingCo.com

Make it easy for people to respond to your marketing

Include the address of an appropriate web page (URL), an e-mail address, a toll-free phone number and a regular phone number (for your international callers). See the above example.

Qualify your prospects while you are at it

When prospect respond, ask them questions that elicit the information you need to determine if the respondent fits your definition—agreed to by sales—of a qualified lead.

All your response channels should ask subsets of the same qualifying questions. For example, the people who answer your incoming calls should be asking the same questions as those on your website’s response form.

Remember that lead qualification is not an interrogation. You don’t want to scare prospects away. Minimize the number of questions you ask and keep those questions short. Or consider using “progressive profiling” in your web forms to ask a couple of additional questions each time they respond.

Readers, what are you top tips regarding B2B offers?

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