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A list of B2B lead qualification criteria by category

I was thinking about all the lead qualification criteria I’ve seen used in B2B lead generation programs and started listing them by category. Here’s what I came up with so far:

  • Firmographics (Industry, company size, location)
  • Demographics (Contact’s title, job function)
  • Contactability (Phone number, email address)
  • Action taken (Attended webinar, downloaded whitepaper, requested pricing, spent time on certain Web pages)
  • Need for your product or service
  • Fit (Your products or services meet or exceed their technical, performance, reliability requirements)
  • Competition (What other competitors are involved and can you win against them? )
  • Contact’s role in the purchase decision process (Recommender, influencer, decision maker)
  • Timing (Purchase decision timing, implementation timing)
  • Availability of funding for the purchase (Has budget, can get budget)
  • Size of the opportunity (Quantity needed, revenue potential)

What criteria do you use to determine that leads are qualified as being ready for sales follow up?

How do those criteria fall into the categories above? Are there additional categories of criteria I should add to the list? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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