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Marketing-for-Leads Guide: Step 5 – Use lead scoring

Use a lead scoring approach to detemine which leads are sales-ready and which need more nurturing

As you develop your lead qualification criteria, keep in mind that lead scoring can be an effective method of determining which leads are qualified and ready for sales follow up.

To score a lead, assign points based on how well the prospect meets each of your lead-qualification criteria. Consider the following example:

* Funding, ready to go: 5 points

* Budget in formulation: 3 points

* No budget for project: 0 points

* Is the decision maker: 5 points

* Is the recommender: 3 points

* Is an influencer: 1 point

* Has a clear need for product: 5 points

* Plans to buy within six months: 5 points

* Plans to buy in one year or later: 1 point

* Plans to buy $50,000 of product: 5 points

* Plans to buy less than $100 of product: 0 points

To score the lead, add up all the points. Then, for example, those with 20 or more points are determined to be qualified sales leads; you should send them to your sales force.

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