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Marketing-for-Leads Guide: Step 7 – Determine the specific business problems you solve

Step 7: Determine the specific business problems your products/services address and the problems your company is qualified to solve.

The first step in developing your marketing strategy is to identify the business problems your product or service will relieve. Why would somebody buy what you are selling? What specific problems does it solve?

For example, if you sell filling-line equipment to bottling plants, you might solve the problem caused by faulty integration between the labeling and bar-coding equipment. Or if you are selling tax-consulting services, you might solve the economic problem caused by paying too much in taxes.

In addition, you need to think about the problems your company and its people are qualified to solve based on your experience and special credentials. What kinds of business problems have you helped customers with in the past? What kinds of professional or educational credentials and industry experience do your people have? What licenses, certifications or approved-vendor status does your company hold?

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