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Remind your customers you’re around

I had a client whose marketing was not delivering the same level of sales it had in the past. The company had no direct sales force and no distributors, so their prices were about half their competitors. It sounds like it would be easy to grow your customer base when you can quote such low prices. Even if your company has a sales team or distributors, what they learned can improve your marketing too.

The problem was that their marketing was narrow. They would send out a catalog to anyone who inquired as a response to ads in trade magazines. After years of advertising, you reach a saturation point. The conversion rate was flat, as you can imagine.

They started a new initiative to distribute products by other companies. But how to get their target customers, primarily small businesses, to notice? To improve their marketing, they didn’t want to add cost or layers of labor. They were focused on effiency to keep their costs lower than competitors, after all.

Boost existing customer orders

You can keep the direct-to-client approach simply by reminding customers that you’re there for them. For example, expand existing accounts, do alternative mailings and schedule reminders about new products. It meets a customer’s needs better than just sending a catalog every year as well. And if you don’t keep in touch, customers may go to someone else that does stay top-of-mind.

These tactics can jump-start your sales:

  • Track existing customers for their product preferences
  • Regularly remind them about new products that might interest them
  • Send quarterly communications/newsletters
  • How about periodic free samples of new products?

What’s in it for you?

  • Significantly increase your company’s conversion of prospects to customers
  • Increase sales from existing customers
  • Save money in many areas
  • Then re-invest in additional marketing, boosting results even further
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