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2010’s 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management: Winners announced

50most 200x300 viewlistThe Sales Lead Management Association just announced the results of the voting for the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2010.

James W. Obermayer, CEO and executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association said, "The winning 50 men and women are creators of wealth and the voters have recognized their contributions in this increasingly important field of managing sales leads."

5,810 votes were cast for 99 nominees by 3,786 people (each voter could choose up to three nominees).

Here’s the list of 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2010.

Susan Campanale, VP of Marketing for the SLMA said, “The SLMA has assumed the cheerleader’s role in promoting the importance of all facets of managing sales leads. These people are recognized by their peers as extreme players in the pursuit of ROI for marketing expenditures.”

I am grateful to all of you who voted me to the top of the list for 2010! 

Thank you!



The top 50 in sales lead management: Who do you pick to be on the list?

Don’t miss your opportunity to vote for your top three candidates to be among the fifty most influential people in sales lead management in 2010.

Vote Online

Why? Because the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) is closing the polls at Midnight Pacific Time (UTC-8) on Friday, November 30th.

Both members and non-members can vote. So why don’t you click this link to cast your votes right now? http://www.salesleadmgmtassn.com/top50_vote.htm

I’m proud to be included among the nominees, and I sure would appreciate your vote.

– Mac McIntosh


B2B marketers: Please don’t believe everything you read.

One of my favorite marketing magazines, BtoB, featured an article in its November 8, 2010 edition which posed some questions to Brian Halligan, CEO of marketing software company HubSpot.

One of the questions was "How can b2b marketers improve their lead-nurturing efforts?"

Brian’s answer was, "B2b companies are way too obsessed with the middle of their funnels—[i.e.,] what do I do once I get a lead?—and not nearly interested enough in how the heck do I get more leads in the first place. They spend 90% of their time [in the middle of the funnel], then squeeze the value from their lists. What they should do is flip that and spend 90% of their time really opening the top of their funnel and getting more leads into the funnel."

In my opinion Brian couldn’t be more wrong.

What he is suggesting as a strategy is what B-to-B marketers used to use in the last century. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

Yes, generating interested prospects is important. But building sales-winning relationships with prospects as they move from inquiry to consideration to purchase by nurturing those leads generates up to 300% more qualified, sales-ready leads and proportionately more sales as a result.

In other words, shifting some of your marketing investments from lead generation to lead nurturing generates a higher ROI for B-to-B marketers every time.

Care to weight in on the subject?

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Increasing B2B Lead Management ROI: 4 Key Performance Indicators

Although the findings are not news to me or my clients, a recent research study about increasing B2B sales lead management ROI is worth mentioning.

Why? Because it validates some of what I’ve been recommending to my clients for years.

B2B sales lead management KPIs

The Forrester research study and white paper about sales lead management, commissioned by Silverpop, reports that when it comes to increasing the ROI from B2B sales lead management, there are four key performance indicators (KPIs) that pay off in more qualified leads and sales.

The numbered items below are the four KPIs from the white paper, but the comments about each are mine:

  1. Profiling and targeting. By understanding your customers and using them as a model for the right prospects to target with your lead generation activities, and by targeting those right prospects, you will get a better ROI.
  2. Lead scoring. This is the latest name for the process of determining which leads are qualified leads that meet the minimum definition of a “sales-ready lead.” Lead scoring provides us with the criteria for determining which leads need further development and which are ready for sales follow-up.
  3. Content. Developing and offering information that meets the needs of your prospects, particularly as they move from awareness to inquiry to consideration and on to purchase, is essential both for getting prospects to identify themselves to you and for helping move your prospects forward in their buying process.
  4. Nurture early-stage buyers. B2B research about sales leads repeatedly shows that the B2B buyers who are still in the early stages of their buying process represent three out of four of the total sales opportunities you will net from your leads. Only one in four sales opportunities comes from those prospects who are already at the later stages of their buying process.

Want a quick summary of how to take advantage of these four KPIs? Read my short post titled B2B Sales Lead Generation Is Easy: Four Rights Will Get You There.

What are your thoughts about the four KPIs that increase the ROI from B2B sales lead management?

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2009’s 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management

I promised to link to the list of the top 50 most influential people in sales lead management.

The ballots are counted. (Imagine the drum roll.) And the winners are:


To those of you who voted for me, my sincere thanks! -Mac

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