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Make the most of your marketing events

You may have a number of live seminars, workshops, webinars), videoconferences, trade shows and speaking engagements planned for future months. Here is a short summary of how best to use events to drive sales and revenue.

– Leverage other marcomm tactics such as direct mail, email and telemarketing.
– Speak or exhibit at others’ events, saving the time and expense of running it yourself.
– Use events to move known prospects along the sales cycle, rather than focusing on those who are new to your company.
– For mid-stage prospects, use “bite-size” events, such as “lunch and learns,” “executive breakfast briefings,” or webinars.
– For hot prospects who have already indicated they are close to buying, offer events that will give them details they need to make the final decision.

I go into more detail about this making the most of events in your marketing plan in my article What role should events play in your marketing plan?


Learn the secrets to generating more B2B leads and sales for less

Are you interested in learning how to generate more B2B leads despite your too-small marketing budget and too-few marketing people?

Then don’t miss this complimentary two-hour breakfast briefing designed specifically for senior corporate, sales and marketing executives at a mid-size to large companies, or at a fast-growing, venture-funded small companies; executives who are looking for ways to cost-effectively and efficiently use marketing to boost sales.

What B2B marketing automation is all about & why you should care: An Executive Breakfast Briefing

Boston/Waltham                                New York City
Wednesday, January 26, 2011                 Thursday, January 27, 2011
8:00 to 10:00 am                                  8:00 to 10:00 am
Westin Waltham Boston                          Fashion 26 Hotel
Exit 27A off Interstate 95/Route 128        152 W 26th St (at Seventh Ave)

Generating sales-ready leads is “easy.” All you have to do is get the right message to the right person at the right time. And only do what works. These are two simple strategies, but the details of consistently executing them are a significant challenge for most B2B organizations.

That’s what marketing automation is all about—using technology to implement these strategies and deliver a stream of qualified leads to drive sales in a highly cost effective way. (Your sales team and your CFO will love marketing automation!)

This briefing was developed specifically for busy executives like you

This may be your best opportunity to quickly get up to speed about B2B marketing automation—while having breakfast and discussions on the topic with a select group of your peers.

You’ll hear how many companies similar to yours are finding that marketing automation allows them to do more with less when it comes to their new business development.

By attending, you’ll learn how to

  • Put your companies’ prospecting programs on auto-pilot;
  • Reach and nurture more prospective customers;
  • Generate more qualified leads;
  • Close more sales;
  • Lower your cost of sales; and
  • Increase your ROI

The executive briefing will be led by me, Mac McIntosh. In addition, Will Schnabel, VP of Alliances for Silverpop will discuss some simple ways to get started using marketing automation to drive more leads and sales.

You can attend this complimentary, two-hour breakfast briefing to get up to speed on marketing automation and be out the door at 10:00 am and on your way back to work.

The agenda:

8:00 am: Registration and Breakfast
8:30 am: What B2B marketing automation is all about, and why you should care
9:00 am: How to get started putting marketing automation to work
10:00 am: Briefing concludes

Please reserve your seat today, as attendance is strictly limited.

B2B marketing automation breakfast briefing

Register online: Use this link or visit http://twurl.nl/7zkddn

Register by phone: 1-800-336-1877 x1622

Register by email:
(Please mention the event city and date, including your name, title, company URL and phone number)

Your complimentary attendance at this executive breakfast briefing about marketing automation is made possible by its generous sponsors:

AcquireB2B -Drive more leads and sales with Marketing Automation

Silverpop – An on-demand provider of an email marketing and marketing automation platform serving the needs of sophisticated, self-service B2C and B2B marketers

B2B Contact – Generating more of the leads you need by combining qualified data with rich media messaging and telemarketing.

NetProspex – The world’s most accurate and fastest-growing sales and marketing database, helping B2B decision makers find, reach, and connect with nearly 17 million targeted sales prospects.

MarketSync – Empower sales in your marketing cloud by combining physical and email correspondence to break through the clutter and consistently reach decision makers.


Lead Generation and Management in the Industrial Marketplace: Complimentary Webinar Oct. 15

If you are responsible for driving leads and sales from engineering, industrial, technical and manufacturing professionals, you won’t want to miss this 45-minute webinar on B2B lead generation.

Filling the Pipeline with More High-Quality Leads:
Effective Lead Generation and Lead Management in the Industrial Marketplace

You are invited to this complimentary, 45-minute webcast on Wednesday, October 15th.

Register Now

By attending this brief, information-packed, online session—presented by the noted sales lead expert, M.H. “Mac” McIntosh and Chris Chariton, an industrial marketing expert and GlobalSpec’s Vice President of Marketing Services and Product Management — you will learn the latest strategies and tactics for improving your results from lead generation and lead management in the industrial sector.

It takes less than an hour of your time, and you can attend from the convenience of your PC. Why not sign up right now?

By attending, you will learn:

  • How industrial decision makers are finding, specifiying and buying products and services like yours. Things have changed. Hear what you need to do differently to get your share—or more—of those leads and sales.
  • How to maximize lead generation results for your company; You will learn the four keys to filling your sales pipeline with qualified, sales-ready leads, despite your limited budget.
  • How to give your salespeople, reps or distributors an “unfair” competitive advantage. Gain a better understanding of lead management techniques that build sales-winning relationships with prospects, and deliver more sales-ready leads to your salespeople, reps or distributors.

Register Now

Does this describe you?

  • Your responsibilities include approving, directing or implementing marketing-driven lead generation programs for your company.
  • Your products or services are specified, purchased and used by engineers or other technical, industrial and manufacturing professionals.
  • You need to help to fill the sales pipeline with more qualified, sales-ready leads that your salespeople, reps or distributors can turn into new business sales.

If that’s you we described above, you really can’t afford to miss this information-packed, executive briefing.

The bottom line? By attending this short, online briefing you will learn how you can increase the number of sales-ready leads you generate.

Yes, it really can be done. Chris and Mac will show you how. Sign up today.

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Pros and Cons of In-Person Events for B2B Marketing

art-live-events.jpgHere’s a follow-up to my previous post Pros and Cons of Remote Events. Even in today’s hyper-connected world, there are good reasons for in-person marketing events such as “lunch-and-learn” seminars. The traditional style of building a relationship with a potential client required you to get in your car, get on a plane, or pick up the phone–and that’s what you need to do for an effective group discussion or simply to connect more directly with prospects.

B2B Magazine Blog Post of the WeekIf you’re choosing between remote or in-person, factor in the time needed to present the information, the needs of the customers or prospects you’re targeting, and the physical locations of attendees.

Live events can include:

  • Executive briefings
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Lunch-and-learns
  • Seminars

Pros of In-Person Events

  • You can hold your audience’s attention longer. Remote events should last no more than an hour, but with a live seminar or briefing you can provide more in-depth information. Users or technical decision makers who want to dive deep into the details of your solution may want that extra time. Live events are also effective for prospective buyers who are further along in their purchase cycle–they’re more willing to commit the time to attend.
  • You can show attendees more. Have an on-site tour, show how your product is made, or let attendees see how services are provided. If your facilities are impressive, prospects absorb the atmosphere of your company’s success. Alternatively, you can invite prospects to events at your customer’s site to see your products or services in action.
  • Your audience can meet you and your team, and vice versa. A live event gives prospects a chance to meet and make a personal connection with you, and to vet you and your staff.
  • Attendees can interact with your happy customers. You can invite satisfied customers to your live event and have them mingle with hot prospects. These customers often act as your ambassadors and help sell the prospect on the benefits of selecting your products or services.
  • You can gauge audience reaction. Are attendees staring into space? If so, you’re either moving too slowly or too fast. Switch your gears and now you’re connecting with them. At one seminar I gave recently, I saw two attendees whispering and nodding to one another when I made a key point. When I caught their eye, they told me that they understood the value of the recommendation but didn’t know how to “get there from here.” Their immediate feedback let me outline specific strategies and tactics, and it created the opportunity to talk later about how my services could help.
  • Your venue can be a draw. If you’re holding an event at an attractive facility–at a casino or on a yacht, for example–attendance may be higher simply because the venue itself is a lure.

Cons of In-Person Events

  • Live events can be more costly. Expenses for travel, meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, attendee meals, and parking can add up quickly. You’ll also need personnel to staff registration tables, meet and greet guests, and oversee event logistics.
  • They require a larger time commitment. Unless the event is being held at your site or your customer’s, you’ll both spend additional time traveling to and from the venue.

What factors do you consider? Please post a comment with any other pros and cons that have helped you decide to either hold a live event or “go virtual,” and I’ll let you know if I’ve got ideas on the topic.


When it Comes to Generating Sales Leads, Do Virtual Events Make Sense for B-to-B Marketers?

Virtual Events for B2B MarketingThink of a conference or tradeshow conducted online with presenters, exhibitors and attendees exchanging information and networking from the convenience of their computers.

These “virtual events” can benefit all parties. Attendees don’t have to travel, or even leave their offices. Neither do the speakers and exhibitors. This saves everyone time and money.

And the convenience of attending via their computer can boost the number of attendees significantly.

I think virtual events are great. Why? Because few of the conferences or tradeshows I want to attend happen in little ol’ Rhode Island. So if I want to attend I have to waste way too much time at the airport and on the plane, then again in the rental car or taxi line, trying to get there. Or I have to spend three or four hours taking an Amtrak train to New York City. Or I waste an hour and a half or more, both ways, driving to attend the event if it happens to come to the Boston area.

Compare this to what is involved in attending a virtual event: I block the time on my calendar. Then at the appointed hour I click on a link and attend the event via my computer.

The same goes for when I’m speaking or presenting at one of these virtual events.

Yes, it is sometimes good to get out of the office and network with clients and suppliers at in-person conferences, tradeshows or seminars. But often that means losing the day or more just getting there and back, not to mention the time away from my family. This makes me pretty selective about which in-person events I will attend.

I’m less selective about signing up to attend virtual events. Why? Because if I determine that the virtual event isn’t a good investment of my time, or the presenter is putting me to sleep, I simply close my browser and use that time for other things instead.

If you are thinking about doing a virtual conference or tradeshow, you might want to read Best Practices in Virtual Events, a white paper created by The FactPoint Group, a Silicon Valley-based research, and consulting firm, for Unisfair, a provider of virtual trade shows, expos, conferences and marketing events.

A number of the best practices covered in the white paper relate do generating sales leads and driving sales. For example:

  • Create an event strategy and clear goals.
  • Proactively interact live with attendees.
  • Promote the event as being available “on-demand” after the live event.
  • Qualify and prioritize the leads that result.
  • Conduct an ROI analysis.

The white paper is full of useful information, including statistics you can use to benchmark your own virtual events (i.e. 52 percent of registrants attend the live event) and tips on how best to promote your virtual events, maximize attendance and keep attendees engaged.

Request your free copy of Best Practices in Virtual Events by sending an email to

For additional strategies, tactics and tips related to using B-to-B marketing events to generate qualified leads and drive sales, check out the articles under the heading B-to-B events & trade shows at my website’s Learning Center for Marketers.


Better Ways to Qualify Leads at the Trade Show

Qualifying LeadsYou’re on the trade show floor, ready to make the most of the time and effort it took to get there. People drift in and out of your booth throughout the day and you’ve got to quickly judge who’s hot and who’s not.

B2B Magazine Blog Post of the WeekThe trick is to start a conversation that will help you determine if a visitor is a qualified sales lead. The best way to do that is by asking questions.

Typical closed-ended questions such as “May I help you?” get you useless answers like “No thank. Just looking.”

So start off with an open-ended question like “Out of all the places you could be today, why did you choose to come to this show?” or “With all the exhibits you could visit this afternoon, what brought you to ours?”

Then keep the conversation going by turning your typically closed-ended questions about budget, authority, need and timing into open-ended questions. For example, ask “How does this kind of purchase get funded at your company?” and “Who all is involved in the decision process, and what are their roles?” and “What problems are you trying to solve?” and “When do you think you’ll be making the decision to go ahead?”

And one last tip…

If you have determined that a visitor to your trade show exhibit isn’t qualified, but he continues to monopolize your time, end the conversation quickly but politely. How? By handing him a brochure while saying something like, “Here’s some additional information about our product that you can review back at the office.” Next say “Thanks for stopping by.” and shake his hand. Then turn and walk away.

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