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Industrial Marketers: Is this News Good or Bad?

According to a recent survey of engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrial professionals:

Although the majority expects their companies’ spending to remain flat or down, more than a third (36%) said they expect spending during the second half of 2009 will increase compared to the first half of year.

Industrial Indicator Survey 2009

You can get the free white paper with complete survey results and analysis here.

So is this good news or bad news?

I believe it is good news that more than a third of companies in the industrial sector are expected to increase spending during this second half of 2009.

Some companies are going to get some leads and close some sales as a result of that increased buying. And maybe that expected increase in buying is also a sign that business in the industrial sector is finally starting to improve.

If you’re an industrial marketer I believe your challenge will be identifying the companies which are expected to increase spending. If you can identify them, you can target the recommenders, specifiers and buyers at those companies with marketing and lead generation campaigns designed to find the sales opportunities your salespeople, reps or distributors need.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Is the expected increase in spending during the second half of the year by a little more than a third of these companies good news? Or is it bad news because just under two thirds of the companies in the industrial marketplace are expected to spend the same or less than they did during the first half? And what do you think your industrial marketing, lead generation and sales peers should do about it?

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