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Managing B2B Leads for Sales Success – 30 minute, on-demand webinar

Drive revenue for your organization by fully leveraging your B2B marketing and sales teams.

Join us for my conversation with Gord Hotchkiss (author of The BuyerSphere Project) on the current state of of B2B demand generation.

B2B Leads for Sales Success
On demand Webinar
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In this 30-minute webinar, we will address questions that are top of mind:

  1. How has technology, e.g. marketing automation, changed the way marketing and sales work together?
  2. What role does search marketing play in qualifying leads?
  3. How does social media fit into lead generation?
  4. What will lead gen. look like in 2015?

This webinar is recommended for VP’s, Directors and Managers in Sales and/or Marketing roles.

Register here or use this link:


Managing B2B leads for sales success, is a nice blog for it help enlighten the marketers how to become successful in their businesses. I recently read a post by Inbound Sales Network about “How the B2B Buying Process Has Changed “ (http://www.inboundsales.net/blog/bid/37867/How-the-B2B-Buying-Process-Has-Changed) that I thought you might find interesting.


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