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B2B marketers: Please don’t believe everything you read.

One of my favorite marketing magazines, BtoB, featured an article in its November 8, 2010 edition which posed some questions to Brian Halligan, CEO of marketing software company HubSpot.

One of the questions was "How can b2b marketers improve their lead-nurturing efforts?"

Brian’s answer was, "B2b companies are way too obsessed with the middle of their funnels—[i.e.,] what do I do once I get a lead?—and not nearly interested enough in how the heck do I get more leads in the first place. They spend 90% of their time [in the middle of the funnel], then squeeze the value from their lists. What they should do is flip that and spend 90% of their time really opening the top of their funnel and getting more leads into the funnel."

In my opinion Brian couldn’t be more wrong.

What he is suggesting as a strategy is what B-to-B marketers used to use in the last century. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

Yes, generating interested prospects is important. But building sales-winning relationships with prospects as they move from inquiry to consideration to purchase by nurturing those leads generates up to 300% more qualified, sales-ready leads and proportionately more sales as a result.

In other words, shifting some of your marketing investments from lead generation to lead nurturing generates a higher ROI for B-to-B marketers every time.

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