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How to Write Good: 12 tongue-in-cheek rules and a proofreading service

If you write for fun or profit, you’ll want your very own copy of Frank Visco’s tongue-in-cheek poster, How to Write Good.

Originally published as an article in Writers Digest, How to Write Good. gives you twelve rules of writing, each humorously broken to make the point.

Examples include, “One should never generalize” and “Who needs rhetorical questions?”

Twelve Ways to Write Even Gooder and How to Write Most Goodest are also available. All three posters in the series are offered as t-shirts too.

See for yourself at www.cafepress.com/writegood (click on the item, then click on “View Larger” to read the copy).

And speaking of writing good, consider putting the folks at ProofreadNOW to work.

Two of ProofreadNOW’s experienced professionals will thoroughly proofread your documents, presentations, web pages or anything else for as little as $11 a page (approximately 500 words) for 24-hour service.

If you find yourself getting close to your deadline, they get your proofreading done in as little as one hour at a higher but still affordable price.

Learn more at www.proofreadNOW.com.


[…] How to Write Good: 12 tongue-in-cheek rules and a proofreading service […]


I dont even remember how i reached your site but it doesnt matter, cause i’m so happy i found it. It really made me think, keep up the good work.


Hi from New York and thanks for the web site. It was just the thing I had been looking for. It has helped me no end. Thanks again.


I have past this article onto one of my co workers who just happens to love writing and I am sure that he is going to enjoy this, so thanks for the post.


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