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April Fooled? Tips to Beat Content Thieves

Find out who is stealing your content for B2B marketing and salesYou spend time and energy crafting the right marketing messages and content to connect with prospects and clients. Then you find it littered throughout the Internet on trashy websites–or worse, on a competitor’s.

Time to wage war on the offenders? I found a useful blog post listing “100 Tips to Defeat Content Thieves“. Some highlights:

  • Set up Google Alerts for key phrases in your content — You’ll get regular emails with search results showing who else has your content on their site
  • Add a message in your feeds asking people to email you if they are reading your content on someone else’s website.
  • Put a spy image, a small image link, in the HTML, and watch your log files to see where it is being called from.
  • CopyScape helps you find other sites with your content.

There’s lots more as well, including whether you have the rights to go for them and resources about how to go about it.

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