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B2B Sales Lead Generation is Easy: Four Rights Will Get You There.

B2B sales lead generation is easy: Four rights will get you there.

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Easy B2B sales lead generation tips

  1. The right prospects to target.
    The companies and people at those companies, who appear most likely to buy your products or services.
  2. The right offers.
    Compelling calls-to-action designed to generate inquiries that, when qualified, become sales leads. A suite of offers designed to appeal to prospects at all stages of their buying process, from awareness to inquiry to consideration to purchase.
  3. The right media.
    Lead generating media like direct mail, email and telemarketing. (letting brand and awareness come along for the ride.) And websites optimized both for the search engines (so yours gets found when prospects are searching) and for engaging the people who visit (generating leads, not just fly by visitors).
  4. The right timing.
    Using ongoing, multi-touch campaigns designed to make sure your products and services are in-sight and in-mind when your prospects are thinking about the pains their problems are causing, or are already searching for pain-relief.

I think B2B lead generation is easy.

The hard part is generating more qualified, sales-ready leads, faster and at the lowest possible cost. That’s where real expertise is required.

What do you think?


Great post mac.


I would definitely have to agree with the right offer. Working on several educational institutions for some years now, I saw how many schools at first don’t know how to maximize their career college leads by simply offering them the wrong course or handling leads or students who are not interested in their services in the first place.


Right on Mac! I agree that the real challenge is how to generate higher quality leads that are more qualified.


Very relevant and very concise. I’m printing this post and pinning it on my corkboard. =)


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I think generating qualified, sales ready leads is easy too…with the right call to action.


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