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What skills does a B2B marketing communications professional need today?

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B2B Marketing Skills

In my never-ending quest to stay up on the latest in B2B marketing for leads and sales, I subscribe to RSS feeds from lots of marketing blogs.

One of those feeds recently caught my attention. In Dianna Huff’s MarCom Writer Blog, she talks about what should be included a B2B marketing communications professionals’ job description.

I agree with Dianna about today’s marcom professional needing to be able to do much more than write copy and manage multiple projects. I also agree with her suggestions about what else today’s marcom professionals “need to bring to the table.” I especially like the one about knowledge of the sales lead process.

I humbly suggest a few more skills to add to the list:

A good head for numbers.

This is essential in today’s marketing world where senior management requires, no demands, an ROI on marketing investments.

The ability to give a convincing presentation.

This includes presenting one-to-one, in front of a crowd, over the phone, via the web and in email. This essential skill will prove invaluable when trying to persuade your CEO, the CFO and your boss to give you a bigger budget, more staff or maybe even a promotion and a raise.

A up-to-date understanding of marketing technology.

This includes understanding both marketing media and marketing tools. With half of marketing budgets being spent online, and the efficiency and better results you can gain from using software to manage your campaigns, if you want to be successful as a marketing communication professional, you can’t afford to say “I’m not technical.”

What would you add to the list?

Please share your thoughts about the skills, knowledge and experience that are necessary for success in B2B marketing communications today.

Do you have different or additional suggestions for marketing managers, directors or VPs?

How about sharing some suggestions for how your fellow B2B marketers can best acquire these skills?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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