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Sales Lead Management Services: 8 Steps for Success

Sales lead management

When B2B marketers get the go-ahead to look into outsourcing sales lead management, some key steps are often overlooked. In a worst-case scenario, a junior person is sent to browse Google, gather a few company names and contact info, then a few phone calls are made and the one chosen is whoever’s friendliest and cheapest.

Reviewing your true needs, doing thorough research, checking references, and doing a trial are those extra steps that eat into your week–but are well worth it. Not only can the company get effective results, but the B2B marketer could have an easier working relationship once the right fit is found.

Here are my 8 key steps to choosing a sales lead management company:

  1. Determine what your sales lead management system must include.
  2. Prepare a “wish list” of the features your lead generation programs will include if budget allows.
  3. Put together a package of background information for each vendor.
  4. Share your numbers with the vendors.
  5. Get a written proposal.
  6. Tour the sales lead management service company’s facilities.
  7. Check references of the sales lead management service.
  8. Conduct a trial program.

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