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Direct Marketing Tips: How To Cut Costs And Get Better Response

Direct mail marketingI’ve been asked, “How can I cut costs and find a more practical way to get my target market to respond to my direct mail and catalogs?”

First, determine who your best customers are, then target direct marketing efforts at companies who are similar.

Rank current customers by three criteria:

* How much revenue they represent
* How profitable each customer is
* How well their needs “fit” what you have to offer

Then look for similarities among the unique attributes of these top customers.

* What industries are they in?
* What is similar about how they use your products?
* Are they large, medium or small?
* Where are they located?
* Who are the key decision-makers and what are their titles?

You can also purchase some outside lists of companies and contacts that match and add them to your direct mail campaign.

Focus your marketing with these direct marketing strategies and you’ll improve the overall quality of your campaigns.

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Link: Focus your direct marketing


How can I effectively drive more qualified companies to my web site?



Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to assure your Website is found at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when qualified prospects are searching for services like yours.

Also, consider offering something valuable that key prospects can visit your Website to retrieve. Perhaps checklists, how-to articles, links to a live or recorded Web seminar or case studies.

Or make your site a destination for the latest industy information, calendars of events, etc.


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It always goes without saying that the best way to increase your return on investment is to have a very targeted up to date list of prospects. Saturation mailings for example are usually low in responses, except for some industries.


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