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Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is an important method with which to communicate with potential leads. Direct mail marketing can provide awareness of your product or service, and direct mail marketing also keeps your product in the prospect’s mind. Even if they don’t buy now, this is a way to keep in touch until they do.

Specific ideas:Direct mail marketing: 7 ideas for more B2B direct mail sales leads



I have visited your blog and admit that you have some very good advices, which I hope can become useful to me.

Today where so many marketing tools are available most likely the Internet offers the best choice. But then again which one of the marketing tools should one use?

I think it all depends on the cost/benefit analysis and in order to establish this fact a lot of hard work is needed. Maybe a DM campaign is the right choice but one need to be aware of many pitfalls if not the campaign will not give you an acceptable ROI and just to calculate this is difficult, maybe today more complicated than ever. With the present turmoil on the financial markets there are very few reliable factors available, so the homework gets harder than just a few years ago.

But as mentioned your observations and advices are useful.


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