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Business-to-Business Telemarketing: Wasting Your Money?

Are you dialing for dollars or wasting your money with telemarketing?

Business-to-business telemarketingUnfortunately, most of what B2B marketers call “telemarketing” simply doesn’t work.

Why? Because this is what happens when somebody realizes that there are not enough sales leads in the pipeline to meet this quarter’s sales revenue goals:

Scenario A: Forced Labor

They grab a couple of unlucky administrative assistants, salespeople or interns, put them on they phone with old leads and pray. The unmotivated crew manages to fill their time “getting organized.”

Scenario B: Garbage In, Garbage Out

The marketer Googles for an outsourced business-to-business telemarketing company, and eager to start, sends and old call list or worse, a list of all area businesses. The telemarketing company hires some temps, changes an ex-client’s script, and tells the newly hired business-to-business telemarketing reps, “Start calling.”

Not surprisingly, both scenarios are recipes for disaster.

Of course, you’re experienced and have the skill and knowledge necessary to recognize when a prospect’s needs are a good fit for your services. But you’ve got more important things to do.

So if you’re serious about using B-to-B telemarketing to quickly generate qualified leads:

Hire your own top-notch telemarketers.

Look for people who like being on the phone, understand that rejection is part of the process, have lots of experience calling your types of customers and can knowledgeably discuss the situations and applications your services fit best. (Hint: Consider ex-salespeople who now have kids and want to work part-time and without traveling. Or go after retirees who have realized they’d like to work part-time.) Then give them well-targeted and up-to-date lists of prospects to call.

Hire a top-notch B2B telemarketing company.

Look for a company with a proven track record of calling into the same industries and the same titles as you will want them to be calling on your behalf. Thoroughly check references and insist that the BtoB telemarketing company assign experienced callers to your project. Then both you and the firm must invest time and effort in creating call guidelines (rather than a verbatim script) and training callers on the unique aspects of your business and your prospects. Finally, give the callers a well-targeted list of prospects to call, and have them start dialing.

The acid test for success in either case: How would you feel if you received that telemarketing call?


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Business-to-business telemarketing: Dialing for dollars or wasting your money?

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Thanks for the article Mac,

It is possible to make the experience of the person at the other end of the phone better when the following principles are applied.

1. Simplicity of thought and action.
a) You are never ringing a number – you are ringing a person who has human values, beliefs and responsibilities. All you are doing is speaking with another person.

First time
b) This person has never spoken with you before – if they have fears or doubts it is because of the “industry bums on seats” who called before you. True objection handling is a genuine step to overcoming fear/ doubt, a way which “brings you closer to your customer”.

Love it
c) By taking the time to create real belief and love in what you communicate, the passion and enthusiasm of this will always guarantee leads in what to many are the toughest places.

(After tracking a Fortune 500 Marketing Director patiently/ politely for a year – I was asked to send a team to a meeting with a brief prepared for a test job. “I have never taken an appointment this way before, so you should be grateful.. (laughing as they said it).. In this instance, quality had been proved through – can you call me back at 2.30pm on Date, oh and send me some information over regarding”.. Not only was the information sent within 5 minutes – it was re-sent at 10am on the day of the call – with the call being placed at the exact time requested.

Passion, enthusiasm are key behavioural drivers when it comes to the smaller points. In a world of big messages, it’s often the small things which lead to belief in the bigger message/ picture.

d) Measurability
Measurability should include complete documentation of every conversation, be it the secretary the DM or potential influencer. Rapport by implication of knowing Mr x and Mrs y is a faster road to developing the inroads necassary for a presentation- so get to know people because you know people.

(Think of the 100m sprinter in the Olympics – a whole life time of experience is expressed within 10 seconds. Ask yourself what you are expressing in 5-20 minutes and what you are doing before you get there).

e) Education
I recently heard a quote on this subject “the most talented people are the ones who study the most”. Think of the swan on the lake, (it’s an old analogy I know).. it glides – the legs are doing all the work out of sight. “When knowledge and insight appear effortless it is because there is lesseffort in communicating knowledge and insight”!!!

Find what works and discard the rest. Bruce Lee once said that a full cup must be emptied to be refilled – again this is too obvious but the point works, never hang on to what fills you today – it may weigh you down tommorow. Consistent re-invention keeps your thinking like the new people to the industry – Fresh.

f) Hunger
Get paid by the customer to be hungry on their behalf. This is a true goal (in my opinion), you will be going for what’s best for someone else – rejection and success will be part of the job – they won’t weigh you down, instead they will provide you with the professional lessons necassary to improve. When you are successful on behalf of your customers you just have to be there and people will know that you are there for them. This is a rare commodity. so practice.

g) Be in the call, not at the mental and emotional level of closing the call. A good call is closed at exactly the time it was meant to happen- simple.

h) “All men are created equal – the only difference is the way they see themselves” or, “as a man thinketh so is he”. Whether your job is to clear a table or work at the top levels of your trade the mental environment you choose to inhabit will either keep you there or move you in the direction of your choice. Give yourself the gift of yourself by taking responsibility for the consequences of each thought – with consistent practice it won’t matter where you’re at – there is always something to be grateful for.. With this level of personal development you will become an unstoppable force in action and an imoveable object in the quiet moments. Why? You will be your own man/ woman – fear less/ less fear – you’ll know yourself in the moment of action. Dynamic, strong, irresistable.. The choice is yours

Robert C Wright

New Business Director

Brand Buddies


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