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B2B public relations overview

Here’s an overview of how to use PR in a B2B marketing-for-leads program.

Your PR program should include a combination of the following items and actions:

– Stand-alone press releases, e-mail pitches and/or media advisories
– Press kits (including such items as company and product or service backgrounders, management bios, product or people photographs, press releases and reprints of articles about your company)
– Setting up your management as a source of experts for media interviews
– Relationship building with editors
– Customer success stories
– Feature articles written by your management (or ghostwritten for them)

For PR tips, press release writing tips, how you can use PR to improve search engine optimization efforts, and links to useful resources, visit my in-depth article: How to use PR in a B2B marketing-for-leads program.

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This is a great round up.

One item not included in your list is analyst relations. Public relations firms can also arrange briefings with technology analysts, which can lead to editorial coverage and inclusion in research reports.


This is an interesting round up Mac and it’s nice to see PR being considered as part of the sales generation process and not just for branding and awareness. I personally think it can do both, provided different tactics are employed to reach each objective.

One thing that does surprise me is the difference in PR tactics and how they are applied on our respective sides of the pond (for readers I’m based in the UK and Mac is in the US).

Once upon a time I naively though it was just a case of the English not inlcuding the date and location at the start of every press release and Americans including doing so!

More recent explorations have revealed that there are differences in protocol for placing feature articles, issuing press releases and even meeting journalists.

Ours are two very different worlds PR-wise, despite sharing such similar cultures in most respects.

Hope you are well.


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